Today’s Mortgage Rates – with James Robinson James Robinson is a Managing Partner and Mortgage Broker with The Mortgage Centre in Toronto. In this video he will tell you about today's rates and what that means to you as a borrower. James can be reached directly at 416-417-0191 The Nancy Wilson Team can be reached at 416-699-9292


Post Holiday Credit Counselling

 The Holiday rush is over and now reality kicks in, many of us have over spent on Christmas again. It's really too bad the wallet doesn't bulge like the belly over the holidays? Reality typically starts to kick in around the midpoint in January, as many Canadians start to receive credit card bills or review... Continue Reading →

Mortgage Changes

The New Mortgage Rules: Have you heard about Canada's new mortgage rules? The government has decided to take action and tighten mortgage rules in hopes of supporting the long-term stability of the Canadian housing market. Here is a brief breakdown of the changes: 1. Effective March 18, the maximum amortization period on government-backed insured mortgages... Continue Reading →

Home Building Stats

Last years recession took a toll on the home building industry, but the upside is that it gave developers more time to spend with customers and concentrate on the product. Last year only 8% of buyers said their home had no problems where as this year 20% of buyers said they received a defect-free home. Discounts... Continue Reading →

Step Away from the Rate!

Fixed or Variable is today's question... Fixed will provide you with security and peace of mind... and comes at a price. Variable has the potential to save you thousands of dollars... also at a price... maybe

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